Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cell Phones & Texting

Should it be illegal to text while driving? Should it be illegal to talk on the phone while driving? Should cell phones be illegal to use in any way while driving?

Texting while driving should be illegal. Someone that is constantly looking down at their cell phone to text while driving is not only putting themselves in danger, but other drivers too. I went to La Crosse, Wisconsin, a couple days and when I got to a red light, the guy driving next to me went right through the light. I watched him drive by, and he was texting. I felt relieved that this guy wasn't driving behind me, and even though nobody got hurt, he was putting everyone around him in harms way.

As we read the short essay called, "Driving Us to Distraction," we found that drivers are still distracted while talking on the phone. They tend to focus straight forward while talking on the phone and driving. Some people get so into their conversations while they are driving that they don't realize how bad they are really driving.

The use of a hands free device should be legal while driving. Some people have jobs that require them to talk on the phone while driving. If they at least have a blue tooth head set they aren't just using one hand to operate their vehicles.

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